her elemental ethos

GÁMINE is a slow, contemporary, and considered womenswear brand, inspired and characterized by the classical elements—Air, Fire, Water and Earth—at her core, where each elemental expression embodies an archetypal mood and style

  • AIR | RESORT — is a light graze of quiet confidence, free-spirited like the gentle wind. Reminiscent of the crisp morning mist and balmy evening breeze, billowy drapes breathe into life with ease

  • FIRE | EVENING — ignites the sensualities. Like the sun’s revealing light on warm naked skin, and the slow burn of a candle aflame, melting over the body, setting it ablaze with passionate hot heat

  • WATER | SWIM — is an oasis, everflowing, quenching the thirst for life. A vessel of exploration, like beads of wetness trailing down the small of the back, drifting out into streams of rivers, into the open sea

  • EARTH | BASICS — revolves around the essentialities, in everyday clockwork rotation. Grounded in the pleasure of simply being, balancing between the dualities of life in harmony