about her

GÁMINE was founded by designer Guan Min in 2021. 

Born and raised in Singapore, Min moved away from her upbeat and bustling city life to the slow-paced and beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Surrounded by lush landscapes and a thriving artisanal community, it is here where she manifests her dream and purpose—one that instinctively melds together her love for fashion, creation, and nature. 

Having over a decade of working experience in the fashion industry in various design, creative, public relations, and marketing roles in her portfolio, GÁMINE is the cumulation of everything that Min has learned and grown away from. Her biggest takeaway was seeing first-hand how much unnecessary excess there is in the overproduction and overconsumption of fashion, leading her to find a balance of creating sustainably and responsibly, without compromising on her aesthetic or the environment.  

With GÁMINE, Min looks to streamline and perfect the everyday and essential wardrobe of the modern woman. Inspired by the eternal gamine and feminine, and the classical elements as the basis of all matter, life, and the brand, her designs accentuate the female body with an air of quiet confidence, free-spirit, effortless ease and innate sensuality—a true reflection of her character and personal style.

in the press


    Last year, Singaporean fashion designer, social media influencer and self-proclaimed astrology buff, Guan Min set off for the shores of Bali in preparation for the launch of her latest sartorial venture, Gàmine Studios. With 10 years of fashion industry experience under her belt, her vision for Gàmine was crystal clear—a thoughtfully considered, slow fashion label structured around the four natural elements: air, fire, water and earth.

    Inspired by her personal style, the label’s first collection, Air, is a monochromatic resortwear line well suited for our balmy tropical climate. Think: billowing silhouettes, flowing fabrics and free-spirited designs crafted for the modern bohème.


    Having been in the fashion industry for over a decade now, Guan Min is no stranger to the ins and outs of it all. She founded her first label fresh out of fashion school at the age of 20, then shifted sides and started managing PR for the Surrender group, overseeing the communications for brands like Surrender, Off-White, Christian Dada, and Marcelo Burlon.

    And while she’s moved to Bali for her own form of eat, pray, love, creating GÁMINE was always the plan. Bali just happened to be the right place to do so. She had GÁMINE in mind ever since she closed her first brand — feeling like she had unfinished business and there was something unwritten left for her to continue.


    Guan Min is best known in the Singapore fashion scene as a designer, consummate Instagrammer, fashion PR manager, and cameos on the Netflix reality show Singapore Social. Then last October, she left our shores and headed for the sunny isle of Bali for a much-needed reset.

    “Moving to Bali was important because it allowed me to reset myself and move away from the influences of working non-stop and having excess – it was always ‘do more, get more, have more, want more’, which is not me at all,” she tells us over e-mail.